Cleaning Windows Tips: The Best Methods to Clean Your Windows

Cleaning Windows Tips: The Best Methods to Clean Your Windows

Glass surface cleaning can be very difficult. 
It is difficult to determine which side you should clean and the streaks take a lot of time to clean all of them. That is why we have made this list about the best ways to clean your windows.

1. Use the Proper Rags:

Here is what you need to know.
• You should use a paper of microfiber pieces of cloth to clean glass.
• There are special wood rags out there that can remove all streaks effectively.
• Do not use plain or cotton towels.
• Old newspapers are a great option to clean your glass. You will recycle them and, at the same time, make your glass sparkle.

2. Chemicals:

There are many chemicals out there you can use to make your glass clean and look spectacular. You have many options.
• Spray chemicals are among the best options you have. You can get them from any store and they are effective, fast, and easy to use without any mixing.
• If you are looking for homemade recipes or for saving some money, you can make your own mixture. Use rubbing alcohol, water, and vinegar to make your own homemade cleaning tips. You should not mix vinegar and ammonia together. If so, use ammonia alone to clean your windows if they are cloudy.
• Hot soapy water is great for cleaning glass. You can rinse the glass them remove the soap residue after that. If you used vinegar, it will look bright. 

3. Sneaky Streaks:

While working on your windows, you should not guess where the streaks are. Clean the whole surface by going in all the directions. Go on the front and on the back. Use all kinds of motions especially side-to-side motions. When you clean the back of the glass, go up and down.
Once the glass dries out, you will find it clean. You will also be able to determine where the streaks were.

4. Extendable Cleaners:

You can clean the insides of the windows easily. However, it is a little difficult to scrub the outside. You should search for special tools that contain telescoping handles. Just go to a store and tell them you want this feature, they know what you mean.
These tools are the best for cleaning windows outside. Of course, you will use a soft scrubber and squeegee along with the tool.

These hints are great for cleaning your windows. Try them and if you are not satisfied with the results, you can always call a professional window cleaning service. Also, know more about cleaning tips on how to get upholstery clean here.