Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Cleaning oriental rugs is not an easy task. These rugs are usually made of wool, cotton, or silk. Despite the fact that there are modern oriental rugs, the term here refers to handmade floor coverings made mainly in Asia.
Some people consider oriental rugs their investment. The older the oriental rugs are, the more precious they become. That is why they need to be cleaned carefully and professionally.

• How to Take Care of Oriental Rugs & Some Cleaning Tips:

Authentic oriental rugs can live forever. People pass them through generations. However, you should know some tips in order to maintain the authenticity of your rug and keep it looking its best.
Here are the main points you should consider. 

1. Rotate the Rug:

It is recommended to rotate your oriental rug once every three to six months in order to avoid excessive wear in a particular area.
2. Avoid Excessive Sunlight:
You should not place your rug in a sunny place. The direct sun fades the dyes of the rug.

3. Vacuum on a Regular Basis:

Regular vacuuming will not remove all the dirt and debris within your fabrics. It will just keep your fabric from getting matted. Vacuum carefully and avoid making any damages to your rug.

4. Spot Clean:

Once you spot a stain, it is necessary to take immediate action. Use a piece of cloth or a paper towel and blot all excess liquid. Use a little club soda to loosen the stain.
DO NOT use soap or detergents because they can cause damages to your rug.

• Hiring a Rug Cleaner:

Why should you clean your oriental rug by yourself?
1. You will save money. It is cheaper than hiring a professional oriental rug cleaner.
2. According to the size of your rug, the rug’s weight is determined. Woolen rugs, in particular, can be very heavy.

However, there are many advantages to hiring a professional rug cleaner.
1. Preserving the Value of Your Rug:
Excellent Oriental rugs usually pass from generation to generation. Professional oriental rugs cleaners extend their lives and beauty.
2. Thorough Cleaning:
Professional oriental rug cleaners have certain equipment specialized in cleaning oriental rugs.
3. Specialized Cleaning Products:
 There are many commercial cleaning products designed for oriental rugs. It is important to avoid common carpet shampoos and cleaning products because they may be very harsh for oriental rugs fabrics. 
4. Pick Up, Delivery, and Installation:
Professional oriental rug cleaners will pick up and reinstall your oriental rug. Get more info about cleaning tips how to get upholstery clean here.