Cleaning Tips: How to Get Upholstery Clean?

Professional upholstery cleaning is usually very expensive. The prices vary. However, the price may reach about $150 to $200 for a typical 8-foot-long sofa depending on how dirty it is and the effort exerted to get it clean.
Sometimes, professional upholstery cleaning is required and it totally worth the price. They provide you with the best services and expertise. However, if you know what you are doing, you can clean your upholstery at home.

If you have small furniture messes, you can do it at home. This can save you a lot of money and maintain your furniture. You should be aware of the terms used in the upholstery cleaning industry in order to be able to figure out how to clean it efficiently.

You should follow these steps.

1. You should test all the products you are going to use first. Test them in an area that cannot be seen. Test for colorfastness and shrinkage.
2. If you are going to make your cleaning products at home, make them eco-friendly. They are safe and non-toxic. In addition, make it water-based.
3. The best upholstery cleaner is the mixture of one cup of warm water with a bar of high-quality dishwashing soap. Use an electric mixer to turn liquid into a thick foam.
4.Before cleaning, remove all furniture cushions.
5. Use vacuum detachment to vacuum surfaces thoroughly.
6. Rub the foam cleaner you made onto your furniture using a soft-bristled brush.
7. Use a spatula to remove the foam.
8. Use a clean piece of cloth to remove any remaining suds.
9. Notice that using too much water is not good. It causes fabric shrinkage and does not remove stains.
10. Do not use cleaning solutions on wood accents.
11. Leave your furniture to dry completely. 

• Cleaning Leather Couch:

Here is how you can clean your leather couch.
1. Add drops of moisturizing soap to a damp washcloth.
2. Wipe off an area of the leather upholstery.
3. Remove the soap using another clean piece of cloth.
4. Use a dry washcloth to buff.
5. Repeat these steps until the whole leather couch becomes clean.

You should vacuum leather at least twice per month in between deep cleanings. In addition, deal with any kind of stains or spots immediately.

A leather couch is very easy to clean if you know what you are going to do. Upholstery cleaning is also an easy task that can be done at home.

Cleaning Tips for Pet Parents

Cleaning Tips for Pet Parents

Cleaning is part of having a pet; every pet parent knows that fact. It is amazing and warm to have a cat or a dog. However, it is challenging to keep your home clean having a four-legged family member. You have to deal with fur, hair, allergens, pollen, sticks, and other things that may affect your family members and cleanliness of your home. We have made a list of the best tips and tricks you should follow in order to keep your home clean. Let’s explore them together.

1. Prevent Dirt from Invading Your House:

Here is how to keep the dirt outside.
•You will not prevent all the dirt from entering your house. However, most of the dirt can be prevented by placing mats outside and inside your home. Teach your pets how to use them and they will learn to clean their legs before entering the home.
•Place a towel at the favorite entrance of your pet and clean their dirty legs.
• Your pets can be trained easily not to enter certain areas of the home or to wait until getting their feet wiped. This will help a lot to keep most of the dirt and grime outside your home. 

2. Fur & Brushing:

Every pet parent should obtain these items.
• Lint roller.
• Handheld Vacuum.
• Pet Parents Vacuum.
Every item has its unique uses. Lint rollers are designed to remove fur from your upholstery, beds, and window treatments quickly and effectively. A handled vacuum can be used if you have guests to cleaning any spots or stains. Having a pet requires regular vacuuming. You have to vacuum thoroughly at least twice a week.
Besides all of this, you will need commercial pet carpet cleaners. If you do not want to spend money on commercial products or want eco-friendly products, make your own pet cleaner. White vinegar is a great carpet cleaner. Put it in a spray bottle and remove spots and stains from carpets and upholstery. 

3. Pet Beds, Collars, and Toys:

The first rule of having a pet is to buy pet beds with removable, washable covers. You will simply remove the cover and wash it. Use laundry detergent and baking soda. Baking soda works as an odorant and has antimicrobial effects.
Collars and toys can be washed using a dishwasher but read the manufacturer’s instructions first. 
If you want to clean the toys and collars thoroughly, add a pet’s shampoo to warm water and soak them for an hour. Rinse well and leave them in the air to dry.

Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Cleaning oriental rugs is not an easy task. These rugs are usually made of wool, cotton, or silk. Despite the fact that there are modern oriental rugs, the term here refers to handmade floor coverings made mainly in Asia.
Some people consider oriental rugs their investment. The older the oriental rugs are, the more precious they become. That is why they need to be cleaned carefully and professionally.

• How to Take Care of Oriental Rugs & Some Cleaning Tips:

Authentic oriental rugs can live forever. People pass them through generations. However, you should know some tips in order to maintain the authenticity of your rug and keep it looking its best.
Here are the main points you should consider. 

1. Rotate the Rug:

It is recommended to rotate your oriental rug once every three to six months in order to avoid excessive wear in a particular area.
2. Avoid Excessive Sunlight:
You should not place your rug in a sunny place. The direct sun fades the dyes of the rug.

3. Vacuum on a Regular Basis:

Regular vacuuming will not remove all the dirt and debris within your fabrics. It will just keep your fabric from getting matted. Vacuum carefully and avoid making any damages to your rug.

4. Spot Clean:

Once you spot a stain, it is necessary to take immediate action. Use a piece of cloth or a paper towel and blot all excess liquid. Use a little club soda to loosen the stain.
DO NOT use soap or detergents because they can cause damages to your rug.

• Hiring a Rug Cleaner:

Why should you clean your oriental rug by yourself?
1. You will save money. It is cheaper than hiring a professional oriental rug cleaner.
2. According to the size of your rug, the rug’s weight is determined. Woolen rugs, in particular, can be very heavy.

However, there are many advantages to hiring a professional rug cleaner.
1. Preserving the Value of Your Rug:
Excellent Oriental rugs usually pass from generation to generation. Professional oriental rugs cleaners extend their lives and beauty.
2. Thorough Cleaning:
Professional oriental rug cleaners have certain equipment specialized in cleaning oriental rugs.
3. Specialized Cleaning Products:
 There are many commercial cleaning products designed for oriental rugs. It is important to avoid common carpet shampoos and cleaning products because they may be very harsh for oriental rugs fabrics. 
4. Pick Up, Delivery, and Installation:
Professional oriental rug cleaners will pick up and reinstall your oriental rug. Get more info about cleaning tips how to get upholstery clean here.