How to clean earplugs?

How to clean earplugs

Earplugs are highly effective in cancelling loud noises since they are inserted in ears but over the course of time they also get dirty due to which it is important for people to clean earplugs in order to obtain high-quality experience. There are “disposable” and “reusable” earplugs available in the market and in case people are using disposable earplugs then we do not recommend reusing them after performing the cleaning process. However, in case the earplugs are reusable then it is viable to perform a process to clean earplugs for achieving best results. Similarly, there are earplugs of different styles available in the market and different cleaning processes may be appropriate for them. In this article, we will explain different ways with the help of which people can clean earplugs in a convenient manner using household available supplies.

Process to clean reusable earplugs

Below we will discuss some of the ways involved in the process to clean reusable earplugs:

  1. In the first step, prepare an appropriate solution of dishwashing soap in order to clean earplugs.
  2. Now, pour the cleaning solution in a bowl so that it is viable to place earplugs in the cleaning solution.
  3. Now, place the earplugs inside the bowl so that the process of cleaning can take place. Let the earplugs stay in the bowl for 10 minutes before taking them out.
  4. Wash the earplugs again with the help of water so that dirt and cleaning agent residue may come off.
  5. Now, let the earplugs dry properly before using them again.

Tips to clean earmuffs style earplugs

There are earmuffs style earplugs available in the market that users can put on for the purpose of cancelling loud noises. Washing these earplugs by placing inside a bowl is not appropriate as it may affect the quality of the earplugs material. Therefore, below are discussed some of the tips with the help of which people can clean earmuffs style earplugs in an effective manner:

  1. Using water to clean the inner surface of the earplugs is not recommended as it may affect the quality of the material. Therefore, we recommend cleaning the inner surface with the help of a rug or cleaning cloth that is capable of removing dirt and debris present over the inner surface.
  2. Wash other parts of the earplugs with the help of a wet cloth so that dirt and other harmful germs present may be removed.
  3. Dry the ear plugs properly before using them again.

Tips to clean non-moldable earplugs

Non-moldable earplugs are usually used during swimming as they prevent water from entering the ear. Therefore, they may get dirty during the process and require cleaning and restoration. Some of the tips are given as below:

  1. After swimming, wash earplugs again with the help of clean water.
  2. Do not store earplugs immediately after using or washing them since bacteria’s will start to grow on wet earplugs.
  3. After completely drying the earplugs, store them properly in their case and do not leave them in open air. Also visit cleaning windows tips the best methods to clean your windows for more info.